Friday, April 13, 2012

Make QT apps look native on Sabayon KDE

QT apps are those that are made using the QT tool kit.

In case such apps like Clementine, qBittorrent, player use a different theme than the rest of your apps on Sabayon KDE, set them use the system's theme:

Alt+F2 -> qtconfig -> appearance -> GUI style -> Desktop settings (default)

Or you can, of course, choose any other style you like. The qtconfig tool is installed by default in your Sabayon KDE (if not, look it up through the packages and install).

Change KDM cursor theme on Sabayon

The default settings of Sabayon KDE feature a login screen which uses a GTK style cursor theme. Which is not what we want.

Here is how to change the KDM (login screen) mouse theme for a KDE one, let's assume we want the default Oxygen White (change it for whatever you like, just replace the theme name - see below).

Create a folder named "default" in /usr/share/icons/default (will require root privileges).
Then create a file in that folder named "index.theme". 
Open it and paste the following:

[Icon Theme]
Name = Oxygen White
Comment = Oxygen mouse theme. Oxygenize your desktop!
Inherits = Oxygen_White

Change "Oxygen_White" above with the name of a theme you prefer.
Logout. Voila.

On Sabayon 9 the step from above didn't work. This is because some package pulls and installs additional cursor themes and places them in:
along with a default folder in it symlinking to a cursor theme.
Due to this, Xcursor looks for cursors in /usr/share/cursors/xorg-x11
before looking in /usr/share/icons/default

So, the if there are any cursor themes and links in /usr/share/cursors/xorg-x11, remove them from that folder. Then follow the step from above to create a default folder in /usr/share/icons/.

Logout. The nice cursor you wanted welcomes at the login screen. Sabayon is usable now :)

// The solution should work on other systems as well.