Monday, June 18, 2012

How to switch to kickoff menu PCLOS

PCLinuxOS (oh, what a name, I'd change it; nice OS though) ships with a classical menu.

The major drawback of the classical menu is that there are too many categories to navigate through, too many apps in a category to find the one you need, too long to arrange menu items the way you'd like to (as too many apps come pre-installed), and the last and most important - the classical menu makes the use of favorites impossible - which is the major advantage of KDE's default kickoff menu - I use 10 apps 90% of the time, so I do need a favorites menu. The category named "favorites" in the classic menu makes life no easier, neither does alt+F2 when you need to launch, say, system monitor or system settings. And another advantage of the kickoff menu style is the search bar - no need to click through categories.

So here is how to switch to kickoff menu on PCLOS:
Unlock widgets (if they were locked) -> right click on the menu icon -> Switch to Application launcher style.

That's it.

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