Thursday, July 26, 2012

How to ungroup conversation tabs skype 4 linux

The conversation tabs in Skype 4 for Linux may be not what you want. For example, if you communicate to different people in different languages, you'll have to annoyingly change the layout while your DE supports different layouts for different windows (this is how I use it and I find this layout switching policy really convenient). In this case you'd prefer Skype to start a conversation with a new person in a separate window (like it was in the old Skype 2 version).

To ungroup conversation tabs in Skype 4 on Linux and switch back to the separate window per conversation style:
- click "Options" in Skype 4
- go to "Chat" settings
- uncheck "Use default view".

That's it. Now you'll have the old good style of different chat in separate windows.
By the way, the icon in the top right corner of the conversation window toggles showing the contacts that are currently in chat.


  1. Thank you.

    Why the hell skype thought it was a good idea to add the most annoying feature from windows to the linux version was a good idea I'll never know.

    And whys it called default view? So no one can find it?

    At least someone posted a single method of getting it back to normal.

  2. exactly, thank you for that. this is just ridiculous idea for UX. and calling it default view is definitely coming from some insane brain at skype.

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    1. thanks for the keyword ideas, Dusoft )