Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Firefox freezes badly on Kubuntu 13.04

After installing a fresh copy of Kubuntu 13.04, I've noticed my favorite browser Firefox freezes after about 2 minutes of not being used. I had to terminate the process and to re-launch the app every time, than it'd freeze again after I switched to another application.

The issue was caused by the following add-ons that came installed and enabled by default:

Global menu bar integration
Ubuntu Firefox Modifications.

After disabling the add-ons Firefox started behaving as expected.


  1. Yeah, anything Unity related should not be installed by default on a non-Unity DE. Maybe you should file a bug report with the maintainer and they could add a desktop environment check to see what should be installed.

  2. Same issue, but disabling the two add-ons mentioned did not solve the problem. Firefox still keeps on freezing.

  3. Yes, it's very annoying bug. I hate it.

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  6. I've tried this
    sudo apt-get install -f gtk2-engines-oxygen

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