Monday, January 13, 2014

How to change MDM cursor theme on Linux Mint KDE

After you install Linux Mint KDE which uses the MDM login screen by default, you may notice at the login screen the DMZ-White cursor theme is used. Here is how to make MDM use the cursor theme you want (in my case, I'd like it to use the Oxygen White cursor theme which is default in KDE and I like it most). Since the GUI way is easier for, here is what I did the GUI way:

kdesu dolphin

Go to


Find file / link


Right click on it, edit the path in the link's Properties to point to your theme:


Go to


Create a file named cursor.theme

Open it and put the following:

[Icon Theme]

Save. Logout. Voila.

Friday, January 3, 2014

How to change cursor theme for QT apps on Gnome Shell Opensuse 131

After you install Opensuse 13.1 Gnome Shell, you may notice the default cursor theme is Adwaita or DMZ-AA / DMZ Black, while QT apps use another theme - DMZ (white).

So, to make Skype, VLC (and all other QT apps) use the default Awaita theme (or the theme you want) on Opensuse Gnome, edit the following file and type the theme you want (in my case, I make all the apps use the black DMZ / Adwaita cursor theme):

# nano /etc/sysconfig/windowmanager
Find line


Change DMZ to DMZ-AA (or for the name of your theme of choice). Save changes.

Logout. Login. Now you see the cursor you want in Skype and other QT apps.